Regret Ate Him Out Alive.

For the longest of time I didn’t know how what goes around comes around worked.

I didn’t know how regrets worked and how they ate you alive.

But recently I faced how it all happened as a third person.

For once it was not me on the target of the monster who became my friend.

It was a friend I hold dear to me despite the circumstances.

This friend used to be the one who had it all planned.

He had his aims goals.

He knew what he wanted in life.

He just knew.

Image result for know it all gif

Multiple of time I had asked him to reconsider and just sit back and think if he still wanted the same things and his answer remained the same and for the longest of times he was happy.

Immensely happy.

Heart break makes you blind to a lot of things and open to a whole another world I guess that’s exactly what was with him.

He remained blissfully happy.

On top of the world because obviously he had it figured out.

He had business. He had money. He had family. He had friends. He had a girl who was pretty much there for him at his beck and call without any label.

He was surely living a dream.

A dream life of any boy who had big dreams with the mind set of enjoying life without any responsibility but having all the fun.

Yet it all crashed.

Image result for regret gif tumblr

It all crashed when the girl he so carelessly yet carefully hidden walked away. Or according to him was stolen from him.

I had no idea he would ever feel that way because he was the one who was loving it all this way.

But his university ended. His friends while being their started their own lives. The business and the routine became all boring. Family members too had their own lives.

And for once he was alone.

His loneliness making him realize what he had lost.

What he actually wanted was right in front of his face but he remained blind.

It took him four long years to realize but now that he has, he is too late.

A bit too late.

And I pity him with all my heart.

Image result for regret gif tumblr

I never wanted my friend to be broken like this.

I wanted him to succeed but I guess life hits you bad when you least expect it.

And the thing or the person you were taking for granted is the one who ends up being the most important.

He regrets it all.

Regret is what have made him the shell of a person he was.

He still lives his life because dying sometimes just doesn’t come easy but the thoughts are there.

That’s what regret does to you.

It eats you inside out.

It sucks the life out of you.

It makes you close to begging.

It makes you go on your knees and cry your heart out.

And if you are lucky enough you get your retribution.

If not that same monster will follow you down to your grave like a burden.

I pray for anyone out their carrying any kind of regret whether it be big or small, I hope you get your peace.

I hope you are able to sort it all out and overcome it.

I pray life becomes peaceful and you are satisfied with the choices you made.

Image result for regret gif

PS: There is a lot of back story to it so don’t be quick to judge. Thankyou.


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