Growing Out Of Friends.


‘People come and go!’

This is the one major thing I have learned in life.

Since a very young age I haven’t really been able to keep friends for a longer period of time.

A few of those who have stuck around I really don’t know why they have. Or how they have.

But I am glad they did.

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Despite seeing all my flaws I am very glad they decided to fight for me and just stick around even if it was in some way to their benefit.

But those who left.

Those who actually truly left when I was at my lowest and utterly lost are the people who left me scared.

What does it take to be a good friend I would never know?

Probably because I am not one.

Yet I try.

I really try my hardest but well I guess that’s not enough.

Whenever I see some old friends who are not my friends anymore laughing at what we had and all the old memories (Thanks to facebook for that).

It hurts.

It hurts to know that what we all mutually cherished once is now a joke to them.

It feels weird to be always be the black sheep in the herd.

To this day it confuses me that where do I go wrong when it comes to friendships.

Maybe it’s the fact that I stop making efforts and assume that will naturally know that I am there for them when they need me or maybe I interfere too much in their lives.

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Whatever it is I am clueless about it.

But never mind.

Like I said people come and go and eventually you just learn to live with it.

You learn to go with the flow.

Embrace who comes into your life and decides to stay and wave good bye to the people who leave.

You grow out of people like you grow out of clothes and you just move on.

Not everyone is right for you at all phases of life.

Like no outfit is suitable for all occasions.

Make friends.

Make memories with them.

Learn, experience and enjoy new things but when it’s time to let go then let go.

Let go and move on to the new chapter in your life.

It really is not end of the world.

You still have a million more people to look forward to.

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