Me And Poetry.

Since the day I started University and chose English Literature as my major I made it very clear to my poetry teacher how much I despised poetry.

You see I am using past tense there.

Yes exactly because finally by some miracle me and poetry have started to get along.

And this for my teacher is an achievement.

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The pure happiness that I saw on her face today was totally worth overcoming my hatred.

The pure look of joy and sense of peace clearly showed on her face and damn I felt proud of myself as well.

But that was just one thing that had my head in the sky.

The other thing that made me feel happier and achieved was that I was finally able to understand not all but some part of poetry and I could relate to it.

Me relating to poetry.

I never knew this day would come.

Achievement 101.

Now my relationship with poetry aside.

What warmed my heart today was the fact that I for once got appreciated with how I view life.

I learned that somehow yes I stood out in my class because of that outlook.

Not to brag or anything.

But just a truth.

I learned that I am weirdly optimistic towards life.

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I saw weirdly because that’s how it is.

I am so optimistic that my teacher ended up giving me as an example to explain a line in the poem that we were reading and that was:

‘Good men see a light dawn in darkness’ –Psalm 111 (112)

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I was shocked to see that apparently yes I could see a positive side to even few of the most negative poems.

I could see a silver lining in a poem about a loveless relationship.

I could see how letting go of your individuality is not always bad because when two people become one and embrace each other something very beautiful is created.

When it came to Kinetic and Visual Poetry (Apparently these are types of poetry) I chose poems that nobody else in my class chose.

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It was a weird experience for me to be standing out like this.

But I have learned to embrace it. To some extent.

Because it has been this way since day one.

My defiance with poetry made me stand out and not to mention my very short attention span as well.

But yes basically my relationship with poetry made me a target.

For me rebelling against it became a form of entertainment to a dull boring class of poetry and I really hope my classmates and teacher doesn’t hate me for that.

(See how I lost my focus? Hence my short attention span.)

I’ll just end this here with the conclusion:

That I have finally learned to love some part of poetry and now we both get along hope we will keep improving our relationship over the time but one never knows. (Pro Tip: That’s what happens in Arrange marriages as well)

And that it is truly okay to stand out. It is okay to voice your opinions. It is okay to have a preference. Only when you know how to deliver it and have a civilized and open mind to receive the counter answer along with how you deliver your opinions and preferences. (Not many people get that though)


Embrace yourself. And learn to accept while keeping an open mind towards everything in life.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve warmed up to poetry! Love this

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