Here I sit,

And here I wonder,

How to escape,

How to wander,

Then came up the idea of marriage,

Something so beautiful,

Yet turned ugly,

Marriage to me was supposed to be something sacred,

But now that I see it,

It seems just an escape route,

An escape route from all that I dislike,

An escape route from all that torments me,

When this beautiful bond did became so superficial?

When did it turned just some legal framework for sex?

When did it became another way for us girls to escape the shackles that they were bonded in?

When marriage did became a way of liberation?

When did something so sacred become so profane?

Here I sit

And here I wonder

Am I now even marrying for the right reasons?


PS: I wrote this piece of so called poetry keeping in mind of the society I live in that is the Islamic society where one is not allowed to have any intimate relationship before nikkah. For any level of intimacy even just shaking hands to a male that is not blood related is known as sin or even just sitting with him with distance so long that 4 more people can sit between them is also taken as wrong.

Where possibly being a girl is just wrong. Where at the age of 20 when you are allowed to make decisions like your career and everything but you are not allowed who you choose to spend your life with because you are still a kid and you are still very much immature and irrational.

Yes that is the sad reality of the society that we live in and we continue to live in.

It is where oppression is not a big deal because we should be thankful that we are allowed some level of liberation which is also based on the right and wrong perspective that is set by the society.

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  1. Just the person seven blocks away. February 27, 2018 — 8:23 pm

    I just need you to know that marriage is still a sacred bond, a seal on a relationship. I Know our current conditions might make you feel it this way that it’s all superficial or just a legal license to have sex. But in reality it’s much more than that, it’s a bond that keeps a couple together, increases the responsibility but at the same time helps us support each other and carry out those responsibilities perfectly. Our reason to stand against everyone to have us married is to have our own peace together and to keep it according to Islamic views. We’re not doing it for the sake of what people thinks of us but for our own peace and to keep it all Halal, Just the way we’ve been taught, not by our people or society but by our own ethics and religion.

    The sad reality for today is that our own society have made it hard to be on the right path, People would judge you less if you’re doing anything wrong, but will judge you, question you, put allegations on you if you’re fighting for the right thing that is to be nikkahfied. Everyone in our society ran so fast towards our religion that they forgot that what Islam teaches us on the basic, that is to allow a couple to be have nikkah if they have reached their age of puberty, and if parents are stopping them just because they’re not financially stable, they’re doing a mistake themselves. We need to be reminded that nikkah not only blesses the couple but also the other person brings in their fate with them.

    Summarizing it all, what I need you to know is till the time we’re on the right path I know Allah is there to help us and he will. This is just a hurdle in our life and soon we’ll get through this as well. All we need is to keep our believe in Allah and our prayers and our efforts, and that will be enough for us to succeed. This might be just a test to us that how we deal through these fragile moments. And no matter what happen

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    • Just like you have stolen my heart you have stolen my words as well. I am seriously blessed to have you in my life. Alhumdulillah. Iloveyou so much. ❤️


      • Just the person seven blocks away. February 27, 2018 — 9:30 pm

        I’m more blessed to have you in my life as my wife.
        And I just said what I had in mind. Iloveyousofreakingmuchmore 💕💕

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