Struggle Of Being A Student.

As all typical students out there it’s been a while that I have been feeling bad about being nonproductive.

But just every other student I fail to do anything about it.

That’s just how I spend every single days now a days.

It is a continuous cycle of guilt yet me not doing anything about.

Because let’s just face it.

As a student one is always tired.

The long tiring walks in university.

The burden of assignments.

The boring sleepy lectures of teachers.

It all wore one down.

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I know I know there are some students out there who are working as well.

They are earning and being all independent.

And that’s what makes me feel guiltier.

I often think that why am I not able to do the same?

Why am I being a lazy bum?

Why can I not be productive enough?

It’s the same wandering questions every single day.

Yet despite it all you will always find me lounging around or just simply sleeping.

That’s a whole lot of frustration at just another level.

Even if some days I eventually motivate myself to do something it all only lasts for a while.

And then just after a couple of days into it I am done with it and the cycle repeats itself.

Ahh the struggles of being a student.

I really hope this just isn’t me.

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  1. Hi. I just needed to tell you that everything will get better. You’ll get good grades, you’ll graduate with a good CGPA too. Stressing over something never helps. It only makes things worst. Good luck ahead. May you succeed in life and get everything you’ve aimed for.

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  2. Great post , don’t worry we’ve all been there and survived. Just live in moderation 🙂 xx

    Make sure to check it and comment on my latest post : XX

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