Someone, Someday.

‘Best friends for life.’

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I for one was never able to grasp the concept of being best friends with someone.

Being there for each other through highs and lows.

Being together.

Spending time and creating memories.

I never got what actually a best friend meant.

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Not that I never had a best friend.

I did.

I mean I do.

But I don’t know how to keep one.

Every couple of years later you would see another person standing by side being called my best friend.

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Promising me that they will stick around.

Promising me a forever.

But every couple of years later I see them walking away and…

Voila someone new is there.

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Now I firmly believe that the fault is probably in me.

I am the one at mistake.

I mean not everybody else can be wrong right?

At least that’s what my mother’s opinion is.

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I said people walk away and yes they do but if I am being honest,

I don’t think that I even try to stop them.

I never try to stop them or fix things and I just watch them walk away.

Maybe it all coincides with them moments I am at my weakest or maybe it is just me.

Maybe it is just me who gets bored of the people I have around me and need a change.

Need something new in my life because I am so bored.

Being bored of your best friend.

Sounds ironic to me.

Yet it is a mystery to me.

A mystery that seems never to be solved.

Yet I find myself wishing that maybe…

Maybe one day someone will stick around.

Someone will be my best friend till the ends of times.

Someone will be there who I would never get bored of.

Maybe someone someday.

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