Your Best Friend Your Love.

Fall in love with your best friend!

There will be no better partner than him.

Social media has posts like this spread all over our feeds.

 reaction best friends best friend tim sutton joseph delage GIF

And as much as we all try to deny it we do end up falling in love with our best friends.

Especially if that best friend is of opposite gender.

But why does this happen?

It 4 AM right now and yes I am awake wondering this.

And I came up with a multiple of reasons.

First reason being

  • They pretty much tolerate you through all your phases:

I mean it is basically their job requirement to bear you through whatever mood and phases you go through and you obviously return the favor.

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  • They are there to be your shoulder to cry on:

Yes they are there for you when you have tears streaming down your face and even when there is snot running down your nose handing you tissues and just trying to cheer you up.

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  • They irritate you to no end:

Your best friend will irritate you to the point that you will just want to murder them. They will drive you up the walls only because they know you will still love them and they use it all in their benefit.

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  • They are your partners in crime:

Who else will be? Whatever havoc you create your best friend will be right behind you yeah they might try to stop you but if you are persuasive enough they too would be like ‘Okay fuck this! Let’s do it!’

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  • You end up knowing each other like the back of your hand:

Well that will eventually happen. I mean it is meant to be. When you are spending basically all your time with this person you call your best friend then you end up knowing and talking with just a look. You stop needing words just one certain look and you both know it.

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  • You make each other feel better:

When your self esteem gets all time low and your hit rock bottom probably after a bad break up they’d always be there to life you up and make you feel better. They’d be there to make you feel special and worth it.

Image result for Best friend falling in love gif

  • Your crush stalking partner:

Despite being of opposite gender you both will check out people together secretly judge them and talk about them. You’d sit together and spend hours discussing your respective crushes and gossip like a true gossip queens, taking each others opinion about them.

Related image

  • Being philosophical together:

There are times when philosophy hits you sp bad and you just sit there aimlessly talking about anything and everything that pops in your mind. You both let loose and just say out your thoughts.

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  • No worries of being judged just acceptance:

A mutual understanding grows between you and your best friend and that’s when you both can be yourself around each other. Whether it be a depressing soul or a total goof.

 gossip girl bff blair waldorf best friend serena van der woodsen GIF

  • You run to them whenever you mess up:

They become your go to person whenever things go bad. Whenever you want to rant out it’s only them your mind runs to and it’s them that you run to too.

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  • You gang up on others:

Whenever it’s both of you together and there is a third wheel hanging out with you, you both end up pulling that third person’s leg. You keep making inside jokes and saying things only you two would get making others around you feel that they should make a run for it and not try to get in your bubble.

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  • Late night chats:

Late night chats are supposed to be a girlfriend boyfriend thing but you both end up doing it too because you both are comfortable enough and you both know that when the morning comes that  conversation would be like it never took place because whatever you say late in the night is supposed to just stay there.

Image result for Best friend falling in love gif

  • You are insecure and get jealous:

Whenever the one of you starts making new friends or gets busy the other starts being fussy and getting all insecure and jealous just because you both end up being protective of each other. You both need each other’s time and when that does not happen you are all lost and irritated.

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  • You both feel incomplete without each other’s presence:

The world feels shit when the other is not with the one and things seem out of balance. To have fun and enjoy it all you both become each other’s necessity and even in their absence you keep talking about them.

Image result for Best friend falling in love gif

These are just some reasons that came to my mind.

There might be many other too.

When somebody becomes this close to you that you are basically dependent on them. It’s just you both day in and day out and despite having people around you it’s just you and your best friend then you both will eventually end up falling in love.

Or at least one of you is.

Image result for Best friend falling in love gif

I know there are different kinds of love and you will and you do always love your best friend in a very best friendy way but even that best friend love end up growing into something more.

Into something different.

I know it is not necessary.

But one never knows.

Anything might happen over the time.



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