My Ball Of Sunshine.

Every day while going to the university my time clashes with the starting time of all the school in the vicinity.

It is the time when all the schools are about to start and everybody is in a rush to reach their required destination before the ring of the bell.

It is that rush that captures my attention.

It is that excitement on children’s face that gives me nostalgia.

Every single day I am taken back to my school days.

To the days when life was just kicking off and I was off from my protected nest and out in the real world.

It was a time I was just learning to spread my wings and to see what the world holds for me.

Every day I see a variety of faces, variety of expressions.

Some have become daily ones now while some are new.

Some even end up waving to me because we are that familiar now.

Everyday it’s a new face for everybody.

The kid who I saw hyper as a bunny might not be so hyper today.

Or the kid who was pretty much hating the idea of school on Monday is all ready to take on school today and is so full of energy.

It is a miracle what others expressions can do to your mood.

I mean I experience it daily.

There is this one kid who waves to me daily.

Image result for Little girl waving gif

Even if I am late she’ll wait for me on her dad’s bike until and unless I pass and she waves to me.

I have absolutely no idea who this girl is and why does she wave to me.

I don’t know her name.

I don’t know her age.

I don’t even know in which class she studies.

But what I do know is that, that cute little girl is pretty much a blessing in my life.

She is truly a blessing you never fails to make my day with that tiny adorable wave of hers.

Image result for Little girl waving gif

Her wave never fails to bring a smile on my face.

Probably it’s not just her wave.

It is that always happy face of hers without a fail.

She is legit always happy.

I see her every single day with the same smile, same sparkle in her eyes, same naughtiness and same hyped over excited wave.

Image result for Little girl waving gif

She reminds me so much of myself when I was young.

Need I say she even looks a bit like me.

At least that’s what my father tells me.

He says she has the similar eye shape and curls and the same megawatt smile.

Related image

Isn’t it just amazing how a total stranger becomes an important part of your daily routine?

This adorable little stranger has somehow managed to become my everyday ball of sunshine and sometimes I wonder how shit my day would go if one day I stop seeing.

I stop seeing her there waving me with her charming dimpled smile and crooked teeth.

Her chubby cheeks stretching and showing of those pearly whites.

Related image

I think I am pretty infatuated with in this kid.

And that once again reminds me to talk to her.

To for once get out of my car and stop being anti-social.

At least ask her name and get to know little bit.

I mean after all I am writing a blog about her.




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