Second Option.

Second options. Back up plans. Plan Bs.

I guess we all have them in our lives and they are pretty much a need if your initial plan goes wrong.

And I don’t think there is any harm in having second options.

But when this second option rule starts applying to the people around you.

And you take certain people as second options and that’s where the fault lies.

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I was talking to this incredible friend of mine who I even label as my best friend.

We were talking and I observed that my said friend was upset and close to crying.

I kept inquiring about the reason and when I did find out the reason it was like a punch to the gut.

My said friend was sad because they were missing this other person who has entered in their life.

And this is when I realized that yes I have once again been put to second.

I think this point comes in every single person’s life that they do eventually become a second to somebody while you were their first for a long time.

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Take your parents for example.

As their first child they will keep doting over you.

Pampering you, spoiling you rotten and making you the center of attention.

But then suddenly you are blessed with a sibling and you become the second priority.

You become the second because apparently you are all grown up now and that new person needs more love and attention.

While that is true one can’t help but wanting to be a first.

Not only does it happens here but between friends too.

You are your friend’s first.

Your best friend first until and unless they get their Significant Others.

Or make some new friends which they are able to connect better with.

Or they just suddenly get bored of you.

This also happens when you are with your partner.

In the start they will make it all about you but eventually over the time they will start neglecting you for job, friends and even gym.

But wait a minute.

Why just blame others for doing so?

We also do this.

We all in our own way make people around us second option without knowing how much it hurts the others.

And I think there is no solution to it.

There is no solution because over the time things change.

Over the time situations change and so does people.

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Our thinking change and we eventually start connecting with different people.

We grow.

We grow into different people and we learn.

We lose some and gain some new.

And that’s how life goes.

Yes it hurts a lot when you realize that you are on your way to become a second option but that does not mean that they will cut you out from their lives or forget all about you.

They might but that’s just a possibility.

You don’t want growing distant just because of a possibility.

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Because it is also a possibility that yes you might have become a second option but you are still a very important person in their life.

You are the one they might feel the need to come to when all goes a mess in their life.

Despite being a second option you are their light in the darkness.

Sometimes it is okay to be a second option.

Because when the first option goes down the drain your time to shine presents itself in a silver tray.

All ready to be availed.



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  1. This is so heartfelt and beautiful. I am in love with this piece of writing of yours.

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  2. That’s so amazing 👍🏻

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