The Realm Of Smell: A Movie Review.

Since the day we all gain a bit of understanding we learn that the world exists in two phases.

Phases or side or faces it doesn’t matter how you put it.

Ying and Yang is a concept that one comes across in his life sooner or later.

I learned how there can be no darkness without light and vice versa.

I did not know that this existed in people too.

As I grow up I am realizing how there are dark people and light people.

I am not being racial or talking about skin colors at all.

What I am talking about are the personalities of people.

Some people have lighter chirpier happier personalities while others a darker deeper and a very different personalities.

I for one feel as I am the lighter one.

And I always existed that way.

But now I met a darker version of myself.

And version that I don’t didn’t existed.

I met my namesake and she is who I feel like the darker version of myself and she for one never fails to inspire me.

Now a days she suggest me movies.

Like I said earlier that I feel like I am the lighter one therefore I always ended up watching happy movies.

Movies that were Animated, Comedy, Drama, Romance and even Clichés.

But she suggests me to watch the whole opposite genre.

Today she suggested me to watch

PERFUME: The story of a murderer.

Perfume is a drama mystery psychological crime thriller which is based on a novel from 1958 written by Patrick Süskind.

It is directed by Tom Tykwer and features Ben Whishaw, Alan Rickman, Rachel Hurd-Wood, and Dustin Hoffman.

This movie from its name seems like something as beautiful as a perfume sent is.

But it is not.

I made a mistake by judging it when I just heard the name perfume.

When you will start watching this movie you will learn how gruesome it can be.

This movie tells a story about a man who is born with an uncanny ability of smell and can smell everything.


And hence ventures out on a homicidal journey of capturing scents.

He mixes different oils and essences to make the perfect alluring scent which will capture the hearts of people and make them buy that certain Perfume.

He tries to distill every scent known to his sense smell even the scent of a cat.

I would suggest you to watch this movie with a fair warning.

A warning that this movies at time would want you to puke your guts out.

Yet would take you a realm which you never knew existed.

The Realm of Smell.

The Realm only a True Perfumer can venture to.


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