Addicted to ..

When we hear the word drugs the first thing that probably comes to most of our minds is weed. Or maybe Heroin. Or meth. Or basically any commonly known drug.

And anybody who uses the said drugs we condemn them.

We condemn them to the point of cutting them out of our lives.

Sending them to rehab to recover.

We make them attend groups and convocations and try to help them in any way we can.

But why do we do this?

Why do we condemn drugs?

Just because a person gets addicted?

Or because it is bad for health?

Or because one loses his/her senses while being high?

As per my view we basically condemn drugs because they are addictive.

Then why not condemn every other thing we are addicted to?

Without even knowing we are all in some way addicted to a certain thing, person, habit etc.

We all are without a doubt addictive.

People use drugs to reach that certain level of ecstasy, to a certain level of bliss, to a certain level of numbness.


While some just use it for the sake of escape and distraction from the world and life.

When in love you are pretty much addicted to your partner.

Not being with them or not talking to them makes you feel edgy and shitty and you just feel off.

Same goes for any sport you play. You stop playing for a while and you’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms.

All those matching games? Try and stop playing them and you’ll soon realize how lost you are actually in them.

Or maybe even addicted to songs. One needs to listen to them while working or just while doing anything and without their headphones plugged in with songs blasting through them they feel a void inside them.

Many people are addicted to coffee too. Or soft drinks. Or even chai.  They need a cup/glass of it every single day probably early in the morning.

People even get high of off orgasms. They try their best to attain that bliss even if it last for a second. It may seem it all last for a second but the relaxing feeling stays with you for a while. All tension gets released from your muscles and you are just there in pure pleasure.

Therefore in one way or another we are all addicted.

We are all druggies.

We are all high of something in our life without even knowing it.


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