Trying Out Cheesy Pickup Lines.

Since today I had a day off I ended up having a lot of free time at hand.

Now the big question that popped up in my mind was ‘What to do now?’

Nothing came to my mind therefore I started chatting up with some of my friends.

While chatting with my friends one of them started sending me pictures of him while he was on tour.

I’ll let you in on a secret that the said friend who sent me his pictures is a total hottie.

Mr.HotShot as I call him.

Hence an idea popped up in my mind.

Why not create some cheesy pickup lines?

And use it on him.

It’s his birthday too so let’s have some fun shall we?

And I came up with a number of them.

For some I got the ideas off of Google.

While others were just roaming around in my mind and some just got formed right there and then.

And well here goes nothing.

  1. Baby are you a match stick? Cause you set me on fire.

    Too mainstream? I know but oh well this was the first one that popped up.  

  2. Baby are you a tornado? Cause you blew me away.

    Too old but works every time.  

  3. How come you aren’t arrested? Because it must be illegal to look this hot.

    Dials 911 right now.  

  4. You are hotter than the sunburn.

    Not so original.

  5. Did you just come out of oven? Cause fuck you are hot.

    My hand burned when i touched you. *wink wink* 

  6. I was raised to be a good girl but boy you make me want to do everything wrong.

    What morals? 

  7. Too bad you aren’t my homework or else I would do you on my desk all night long.

    On homework i’d do happily.  

  8. Let’s have dinner together? You eat me up while I drink you.

    What was i thinking.

  9. Let’s skip dinner and directly jump to desert.

    Yuumm. Yumm. Yumm.  

  10. I have some empty space. Would you like to fill it?

    Oh i know you would.

  11. The temperature just increased probably because you walked into the room.

    Turn up the Air Conditioning please.  

  12. Lips are made to be kissed. Let’s not waste them away.


  13. You are like a beautiful car. I’d like to ride you everywhere and anywhere.

    *Turn on the engines*

  14. I think i just made your pants tight do you want me to loosen them up for you.


  15. Would you hold it against me if I said I want you naked with me?

    Handcuffs maybe?

  16. You cold? Cause you can use me as a blanket.

    And i’ll warm you right up.  

  17. I was feeling a little off but you definitely turned me on.

    Gone is the depressed mood.  

  18. I was wondering what would look good on me. And I think it’s you.

    Dress me down baby.

  19. Do you have a tissue? Cause boy you have me all wet.


  20. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

    Its a personal favorite. *wink* 




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