August Blues.

Life has an uncanny habit of going downhill.

Everything would be going amazingly well but then one’s life would hit that certain bad time and it will all be a mess.

You will be left dumbfounded and lost with the thought that it was all okay a while so what happened?

If you ask me ‘What happened?’

I’ll probably answer:

‘August happened.’

The month of August has never been my friend.

Never ever.

It hates me I guess.

Despite me being an August baby, I and this month have been at war since the time I can remember.

This is the month where my whole life goes downhill.

It has happened so much that now this all does not even shock me.

While everything goes right in July it would go left in August.

August does not even give me lemons so that I can make lemonade.

What it does is it makes me bow down to its negativity while this feasts on that refreshing lemonade.

Yeah I and August do have it really bad.

It was a few days back that I was on 7th sky.

Floating around in my bubble of happiness.

I was happy and over the moon with how well things were going for me.

At times I just ended up wondering how blessed I am.

I was truly at the top of my game.

Acing all the tests.

Climbing the social ladder.

Had my love life going perfectly.

But then August happened.

And every single aspect of my life took a plunge into the deepest darkest ocean.

But oh well what else was I expecting?

Maybe for many people out there August must be a blast for them.

They would be all team August.

But for me it is ‘August Blues’.

And I am not seeing it change anytime soon.


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