A Change Over Time.

Time for one has never been my friend.

There was a time when I used to just sit and stare at the clock watching every second pass by.

I used to watch the clock tick away the said time away while I just stared at it and hoped that it would stay.

It would stop.

That time would give me enough time that I manage to get a hold of my surroundings.

But I guess time hated to be bounded.

Time hated the concept of being caged.

Time hated to stay and maybe that’s why it just flew away.

Time flew away from my grasp and all of a sudden I was a college student.

And once again all of a sudden I was a university student.

Whenever a person gets sad or depressed he/she develops an uncanny habit of being reflective.

And I guess this habit lives within us all.

Even though I have am a student and I have a busy routine yet I make time.

I make time to be reflective.

Time doesn’t give me time.

But I manage.

Because in the times like this when time is no longer in our hands and it flies by in a blink of an eye.

We need to make time.

We need to make time to be reflective and see how time affects us.

We need not to blame time.

That ..

Time changes people.

It is us and what we say and do that changes people.

And yes it happens over the time.

We think time flies by so fast and we are like it hasn’t been that long.

But it’s the things we do over the time that has a slow effect on us and also on the people around us.

And that leads to a gradual change.

A change over time.


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