The National Anthem Of Pakistan.

In the world of globalization and individuality I still hold a strong patriotic feel towards my country.

No matter how much negativity media shows about my country I can never be against it.

I have loved it whole heartedly since the day I grasped the concept of what a country is.

Pakistan is a country that was made after sacrifices of many people.

People shed blood for it.

They ended giving up their homes and even properties for the formation of Pakistan.

And this is just one of the many reasons that I am devoted to my country.

Independence Day of Pakistan is not that far and to celebrate it coke studio always manages to launch some music that will give one Goosebumps when they hear it.

But this year they take the cake by recording the National Anthem of Pakistan.

I mean it’s the NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Have you ever given it a listen?

If not here you go.

Got any feels like I did?

That’s exactly how beautiful is my country too.

The image that is portrayed to the world is just not it.

There is a whole different side that is not shown.

And is hidden away like a Gem from prying eyes.



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