Lust For Love.

‘I love you!’ Let me kiss you.

‘I love you!’ Let me hold you.

‘I love you!’ Let me fondle you.

‘I love you!’ Let me touch you.

‘I love you!’ Send me pictures.

‘I love you!’ Go out on a date with me.

‘I love you!’ Let’s have sex.

‘I love you!’ was never about all this was it?

When I hear all of this it makes me question the idea of love.

The idea of love that I had in my mind was never this tainted.

Love for me had always been respect.




And compromise.

But this.

This all is not love its pure lust.

Despite the fact that your girl says no you try appease her with this heart melting phrase ‘I love you!’ and voila she is putty in your hands.

People, girls and boys both, can now be seen exploiting this phrase to the level of making it a disgrace.

Love is something that we all crave for now a days.

And when we do find some twisted form of love we accept it in all way we can.

But in fact it is all an illusion that is presented to you in a false form of love.

I, for one, always craved loved as it was my second nature.

I would look for love in the weirdest of places and would eventually end up getting it.

With a cost.

And what was that cost?

Pictures. Sexting. A touch here and a touch there.

Love at a price that’s what I called it.

And now I sit and wonder if it will always be like this?

Will there always be a price to pay to feel such a blissful emotion and sentiment?


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