The Clash Of Cultures.


Countries are known to be rich in culture and I happen to live in a country that has different cultures for every different city.

When one is born we have no knowledge of the world that we in live in but gradually we gain knowledge and find out how vast our world is.

Many of us live a much protected life and not venture out of our own comfort zones but those who do, they end up seeing the world around them and they live.

I am a citizen of Karachi.

Karachi is an industrial hub of Pakistan.

The city is rich in its own culture and has a very different way of living.

I did not know how different my city was until this year I went out to venture.

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog I visited Swat.

Visiting Swat made me realize how different Karachi is.

How liberal and open we people are.

How accepting we have become.

Yes there are numerous of people who I might dare say are still narrow minded and are bounded in their bubble with no further growth.

Yet there are people who would accept you as you are without much judgment.

While being in swat I saw a very different life style.

A lifestyle that was suffocating for a girl like me.

A city girl one might say I guess.

As soon as one enters the district of swat girls would pull a disappearing act.

What I mean by that is in Karachi you see female population out working and doing chores too but in swat not a single lady would be out on street.

Every girl had to have a head scarf on their heads.

‘Cover your heads they say.”

While a man was allowed to stare at the passing lady until she died of that judgmental stare or retreated back to the hole she crawled out of.

I am trying to not portray my own country in some negative image but the truth is the truth.

It is undeniable.

Women are suppressed while the men roam free.

Religion stays tight for women while men show no regard to it.

I am one of the people who would not use the word of feminism as I have failed to understand its meaning.

Yet I know that I would fight for the rights of women.

For how women are mistreated.

For how they are suppressed.

Why is it that men need to put down a women just for the sake of ego?

Why is it that a woman who is covered and following the teachings of Islam still not allowed to step out and work?

Why the society does feel the need to give judgmental stares to the women who earn bread for their family?

Visiting Swat made me question a lot of things that were happening around me and I was blind to it.

Even how my own family had double standards and they had no issue with it.

Karachi and Swat are two very different sides of the same coin.

And that’s where my friends the CLASH OF CULTURES take place.



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