People living in various parts of the world drink TEA.

But in Pakistan we drink CHAI.

Now one may ask what the difference is.

Now here is when I’ll go on a rant and tell you what chai means to a Pakistani.

For us Pakistanis chai is life.

Chai is everything to us.

If it were for us we would giving chai the honorable position of our country’s national drink.

There is something absolutely amazing and wonderful about chai.

That light brown color that allures you in its trap.

That strong yet seducing aroma it gives tempting you to just drink it.

Chai is a warm heavenly drink made from tea leaves.

Tea leaves are boiled in hot water with sugar added to it and milk too.

It is boiled to a level where you see bubbles and that yummy smell coming from it.


Then you strain it in a cup and


You have a warm steaming cup of delicious goodness that is CHAI.

There is something absolute romantic about a cup of chai.

Imagine this.

Sitting on your terrace watching the rain outside with a steaming cup of tea in your hand.

Enjoying the warmness that chai is emitting from your cup while a certain amount of coldness wraps you from outside due to rain.

And maybe add a book there too.

Now tell me does it get better than this?

No I don’t think so.

By now ..

I am sure all the chai lover out there must be getting up to get a cup ready for themselves.




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  1. Well, the word ‘chai’ makes me to post a comment… seriously, chai should have been the national drink of Pakistani
    Chai, rain & a book make the perfect combination, never make u feel lonely 💕

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