Baby sisters or Devil’s spawn?

This blog goes out to the girls who have baby sisters.

At first when you are blessed with a sister you get in awe of her.

But as soon as she starts growing up you realize what a devil’s spawn she is.

You feel like she is in this world to constantly mess it up for you.

Annoying you to no extent.

Poking nose in your business.

And even going to the extent of tattletale.

But then you grow up.

You both grow up and it is you both against the world.

Partner in crime in everything.

You become each other’s fashion advisor.

You check out guys together.

Even go the extent of stalking each other’s crush.

Or a possible boyfriend candidate.

You party together.

You become inseparable.

While before you prayed that she would just go away.

Just disappear into thin air.

You now want her with you at all times.

Without her you feel something is missing.

And that is the time you realize that you have signed yourself off to the devil’s spawn.

Because that is a reality that is never going to change no matter how much of an angel of your life she is now.


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