An innocent request.

Recently I had been on a tour.

The tour was not some going out of your country type but just out of city.

I and family ended up going to Swat.

A city snuggled in between mountains.

So one day we were out visiting this stream that was not far from our hotel.

And this kid comes up to my dad.

Now I as a photography enthusiast was busy taking pictures and paid less attention to the kid.

Suddenly that kid said something.

Whatever he said was failed to be understood by my father. Therefore I went to the kid and asked him to say it again.

He got nervous for a second but said it again.

This time I failed to understand it too and thought he was asking for a picture.

And hence I took a picture of him.

But then when I turned away from him and started walking away he called out me again.

I turned to face him and he said:

“Meray paisai?” (My money?)

And I was shocked.

I asked the kid:

“Itni dair sai tum paisai mang rahay thay?” (Since all this time you were asking for money?)

And he said:

“Or nahi tou kiya?” (Obviously)

He said it in a manner that I felt like an absolutely dumb person.

But ended up asking him how much did he wanted?

He said:

“50 rupay” (50 rupees)

Now fifty rupees wasn’t much but I could see his friends were creeping up to me too and I knew they would be setting up the same rate.

Therefore I ended up bargaining with him.

And we settled on 20 rupees.

As soon as I paid him and his friends up he went away with his kiddy gang.

This made me realize that not all of us are blessed in a way some of us are.

I will not say that I am from a poor or an undeveloped country because I am not.

Even though Pakistan is seen as one.

In Pakistan where there is less money and people are not that wealthy in monetary value,

They wealthy in a very different way.

They are wealthy in their hearts.

They are welcoming and loving.

People will treat you like their own and make you feel like home.

They will give you whatever best thing they have and will be all smiles.

This shows how money is not everything but just a sideline necessity of life.


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