Feeling behind an unanswered text.


A text sent at 2 a.m.

But was just delivered.

Unseen until the sun peeked its head out.

I had always wondered why people are so devastated with a text that goes unseen and unanswered but now I know.

It isn’t easy to reach out to somebody for help but when you do and that person is lost at sea and isn’t there for you,

You do end up breaking down.

All your hopes and expectations going down the drain. Draining you with any sanity that was left inside you.

Letting your demons come out to play once again and there is nothing you could do about it.

In simple words you grew dependent on that person.

There was a time you had these walls around yourself, a self-created fort. You were your own knight in shining armor. Your own hero.

But then this person came who started chipping away your walls. That person broke down your fort, robbed you of your protected veil and there was nothing you could do about it.

All you could do was to watch as that person wormed his way in.

But where is that person now? Where is that person who promised to be there for you? Who promised to support you? The one that broke down your fort? And said I am just a text away?

Oh well that person is probably asleep.

Peacefully in his dream land with no care in the world. Or maybe out with some friends. Or maybe over the time he just got tired of you and doesn’t want to talk anymore.

But how are you supposed to know?

Your text is still unanswered.


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